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G Star RAW

A brand which has transcended fashion and become a household name Xile are proud to have been stockists of G-Star Raw since 1996. In the thirty years since the brands inception G-Star have grown to become one of the biggest names in men's fashion and have helped revolutionise mens denim with innovative construction, design and fit. Never happy to rest on their laurels G-Star are still producing forward thinking, boundary breaking collections. You can shop the latest season of G-Star arrivals online at Xile Clothing now.

Beginning life as a collaboration known as Gap Star it was 1996 when G-Star rebranded and released their first collection under the title G-Star Raw. Showcasing a range of unwashed raw denims the first release was critically acclaimed and it was not long before the brand was one of the hottest names in denim. One of the styles from the first G-Star Raw collection quickly became an iconic design, the G-Star Elwood. With a futuristic design unlike and other denims at the time the Elwood perfectly encapsulated the ethos of G-Star and as its popularity grew it became the second best selling jean of all time, quite an incredible achievement for such a young brand.

Along with producing the Elwood G-Star have introduced a number of revolutionary denim techniques which have changed the industry as a whole. Denim innovations which the brand has been at the forefront of include 3D fits, Arc fit and A-Crotch design. Outwith denim G-Star have produced a range of collaborations ranging from boats and land rovers to cameras and bikes.

The latest arrivals from G-Star include a range of outerwear including G-Star T-Shirts, jackets, shirts and hoodies. The denim collection remains at the core of everything G-Star do and still finds a way to push the boundaries. With new faces including Aitor Throup and Pharrell Williams at the top table of G-Star the future looks bright for the Dutch denim brand. You can shop the latest G-Star collection online at Xile Clothing now with free UK Delivery on orders over £75.