Pronounced: Na-pah-peer-ee 


This long standing internation brand takes its name from the Finnish word for the Arctic Circle: "Napapiiri". The flag logo, however, is Norwegian and a tribute to the first team to successfully reach the south pole by foot and dog sled, led by the Norwegian explorer, Roald Amundsen, also noted in their text logo, using a half inverted font representing the North and South poles. Napapijri celebrates the courageous and adventurous human minds that seek to explore the furthest reaches of the planet. They embody this philosophy with their forward-thinking approach to outdoors wear and apparel.

It was in 1987, within the town of Quart, in the North of Italy, that lies below Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc, that Giuliana Rosset first began creating travel bags under the Napapijri tag. Her first bag was named after Vitus "Bering", who explored the great expanse of Arctic Sea separating Russia from North America. Over the years, Napapijri has kept to its core ethos of combining innovation and an attention to style. In 2015, this led to the decision to ban all fur and down from their products. Furthermore, in 2019 they created an "Infinity" jacket, made with a single kind of nylon making it possible to easily, cleanly recycle the whole jacket and have recently released their classic rainforest style jacket in made of the same infinity nylon.

Today, the brand has over 175 branded stores and sells in over 2,000 retail shops globally and Xile is proud to be one of them. We have just stocked some new drops from this pioneering brand and their street wear collection. Including their ever sought after Aerons Jacket and vest:

Napapijri Aerons Hooded Jacket Dark Grey £175

Napapijri Aerons Vest Black £135

Napapijri Semiury 2 Bobble Beanie Hat Black £35

Napapijri A-Ice Jacket Black £175

Napapijri Balis Crew Sweat Black £59

Napapijri Bebel Hoody Grey £85

Napapijri S-Ice T-Shirt Black £25

Napapijri B-Ice Hoody Black £79

You can find Napapijri's whole collection here.

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