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Replay Hyperflex Denims | Made For Movement


Replay have raised the bar in comfort denim. Jeans that grant freedom of movement have become a must for a growing number of men and there’s no jeans that have more flexibility than the Hyperflex.

Replay’s inventive new jeans boast 100% elasticity, which allows the wearer to be fully mobile. It also delivers unrivalled comfort and exceptional shape retention without sacrificing an authentic appearance. Replay’s new Stretch Your Limits advert features the Barcelona team testing the new material by having a kick about in some slim fit jeans.

The secret behind Hyperflex is the innovative creation process. The material consists of three layers. The base of the fabric is lycra, which provides elasticity. Polyester sits in the middle and protects the lycra from the elements, wear and washing. The thread is finished off with a top layer of cotton, which gives the jeans their genuine, denim-like look.

Replay are a sworn-by denim brand for scores of people and the new Hyperflex fabric can be found in a tried and trusted fit: the Anbass. A slim fitting jean with a softly tapered leg, that’s ideal for casual, everyday wear and for sticking on with smart shoes and heading out.

The Hyperflex are available in two dark, smart washes: black and dark denim.

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