Once upon a time a Barbour jacket would likely only have been found in the wardrobe of a shepherd, your Granddad or a member of the aristocratic "country shooting set" (a.k.a. old Tory toffs killing small animals to help them overcome being bullied at boarding school...). However, following a huge effort by Barbour to overcome this stereotype and revamp its image in the late noughties, the Barbour jacket has become a staple piece of outerwear in most young, urban wardrobes. The renaissance of these distinctive waxy finished, tartan-lined jackets raises an important sartorial question: are you investing your hard earned pounds in a timeless piece or wasting your money on a trend that's had its time?

We think the answer lies beyond the marketing pictures of celebrities like Lily Allen and Alex Turner trudging through festival mud. Instead, we've been convinced by the way the designers at Barbour have revisited the brand's extensive history to produce modern classics. Whether it's a denim shirt, lightweight Harrington or International motorcycle jacket from the Steve McQueen capsule collection, or the Dept. (B) reissue of the Commander jacket worn by Daniel Craig in "Skyfall," we have never failed to be impressed by the fusion of classic British heritage with modern styling. But then who would argue with the "King of Cool" and 007?

For Spring/Summer 2015, Barbour will revisit it's military heritage - which took them from producing waxed "onesies" for motorcyclists in 1908 to the jackets that have been so recognisable since the 1930s - with the new Commando collection. To find out more, drop in store.