The House Party 
Who knows what to expect from a New Years eve house party, is it fancy dress? Smart or casual? Is a tuxedo too much?  Is turning up with a Sainsbury's savers vodka going to be frowned upon?  For a solid house party outfit we recommend a comfort mixed with style.  A check shirt means you'll never be under dressed and won't stand out as over dressed.  The black denims add a touch of rock 'n' roll cool while the new limited edition adidas hamburgs are a good conversation starter, just do your homework on the iconic trainer first. 

Barbour Wax Durham Jacket
Barbour Mal Shirt
Only & Sons Avi Skinny Denim
Adidas Hamburg Brussels


The Warehouse Rave 
It's going to be dark, it's going to be sweaty and it's going to be messy, but that doesn't mean you can't try and look good.  A big look this season has been retro sportswear and Ellesse has been doing it just right.  With hints of the 80's an Ellesse track top will make you feel like you were there for the original warehouse raves.  Y-3's aloha print tee is comfortable and cool while the Hawaiian print adds some great detail.  The main thing your doing at the rave is dancing so you need cool comfy footwear and the new adidas tubulars are the comfiest out there.  There forward thinking unique look also makes these ideal for the fashionable club world. 
Ellesse Lugiano Track Top
Y-3 Aloha T-shirt
Replay Anbass Hyperflex Denim
Adidas Tubular Runner
The Street Party 
Edinburgh is famous for it's Street Party and also it's cold weather.  You need to stay warm with a quality jacket, good footwear and some cosy accessories.  Canada Goose make premium outerwear that is custom made for the coldest of conditions and will keep you warm and happy as the new year comes in.  Teamed with a Barbour trapper hat and the new Canada Goose lodge gloves and the bad weather will be the last thing on your mind and make holding that drink all the easier.  To look after your feet Red Wing make tough wearing footwear that can withstand the weather and a thousand party goers standing on your feet. 
Canada Goose Chateau Parka
Barbour Trapper Hat
Canada Goose Lodge Glove
Red Wings Chukka Boot