Getting Personal...

with BUSH


Following on from our tribute to Xile’s founder, Pat, I proceeded to catch up with Leith local lad Bush, the manager of our George street store, here in Edinburgh. For the past 20 years Bush has lived and breathed all things Xile,

RBD: So when did you start at Xile?

BUSH: I started in 1998, I was looking for a part time job whilst studying, always being a top customer at Xile it seemed a logical next move to work with brands I knew and loved. After I graduated I was promoted to full time staff in the lead up to becoming store management.

RBD: And what were you doing before Xile?

BUSH: Believe it or not it’s funny how life plans out but I was working as a scaffolder. I was fed up and fancied a change, so I decided to enter further education to study Architecture.

RBD: So over the past 20 years of living and breathing all things Xile what has been your favourite moment?

BUSH:  Wow too many!

RBD: What comes to mind first ?

BUSH: It would have to be the launch of a new Xile store I was part of. Those were the glory days, it was so exciting, being part of the new store plans and design, and we managed to do it all on a small budget on time! After that we extended in the princess mall, into the unit next door. We then designed a store in Ocean terminal, as well as a ladies store. The next move was venturing outside of Edinburgh to Glasgow and Livingston. Watching the stores evolve was really exciting, however bringing in new brands and seasonal drops was equally an exciting time for xile as a whole. 

RBD: Did you enjoy moving around the Xile stores?

BUSH: Yeah it was great, once we opened the G-Star franchise stores in Scotland I was put in charge. I was traveling all over Scotland, looking after 5 G-star stores over a 10 year period. Unfortunately parted way with the franchise stores and now I’m back with Xile.  

RBD: So where is your go to in Edinburgh?

BUSH: My go to would be my martial arts club after work.  

RBD: So what martial arts do you train?

BUSH: I enjoy training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Kali, which is a Filipino martial arts, and kickboxing. Its a good way to end your day and remain focused, espcially after a long day at work. 

RBD: What do you like to do when you let your hair down?

BUSH: Haha what hair? But at weekends my favourite haunt’s 99 Hanover, I love the staff, the drinks and the DJ’s. Friday night boogie is a good spot cause my friends are Djing, my brother is DJing, we also sit round their VIP table and drink their vodka [Laughter].

RBD: How about your go to bev?

BUSH: White Russians are nice, after a few pints.

RBD: What kinda music do you like to listen to when you hang up you Gi for the weekend?

BUSH: I like house and techno if I’m going out, in the house a bit of hip hop as it’s a bit mellower and I like a bit of rock too. But when im going out I’m a raver, or least I was a raver haha.

RBD: Does the raving culture influence your fashion at all?

BUSH: Back in the day it did, in my teenage years and growing up absolutely, but not now.

RBD: So what influences your style now then?

BUSH: Now I kinda like a good pair of comfortable denims, I’m not into skinnies, I like a regular tapered fit such as Edwin (ED-55 fit) and Scotch and Soda (Ralston fit). I am wearing a lot of denim brands right now, and these are an appropriate fit for a man of my age and build. I’m all about a little bit of luxury. But I still hold a lot of love my sports brands such as adidas and Karhu, as well as stuff that’s built to last, like Parajumpers and Paul and shark.

RBD: What about a style icon?

BUSH: My icons are Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali, I don’t think they’re very fashionable so it all comes from within. My body shape is weird so I can’t follow someone as whoever I choose and whatever they liked probably wouldn’t look so cool on me. I like to choose what suits my shape. Even when styling other people and customers I have to figure out what shape they are, and then find something that will compliment their body type.

RBD: Where else do you shop, after Xile ofcourse?

BUSH: To be fair I do most of my shopping in Xile as it makes sense, and I do get a huge discount which always helps. But if I’m venturing out, I like to pop into Harvey Nicks. Glasgow is also a very good shopping destination, Ingram street is probably the go to, to find all your niche stores. Don’t want to talk too much about the competition [laughter]

RBD: So we know you love your denim brands but how about your go to look?

BUSH: I like to keep it simple, a nice pair of fitting denims, a plain top, a nice watch, sneakers and a belt. A jacket is more of a statement piece for me, and I don’t use a man bag as I can’t fit my Gi in it haha. If Im going out for food I like to smarten up, depending on where Im going. Its amazing how much of a difference it can make when you wear a shirt or overshirt, it can completely change how you look. I stick with my jeans and smarten up my footwear with some nice boots and always a nice statement jacket, still no man bag.

RBD: And when you wear your smart shirt, no man bag, where do you like to head too?

BUSH: I have nothing against man bags [laughter] its just I would probably lose it.

RBD: Excuses, excuses.

BUSH: But jokes aside I do like a meal at fishers at the shore, great atmosphere, nice tunes, could easily spend all night there, and usually do. Im still having drinks with the staff whilst they’re locking up. I know this great little italian place called Dominicos, it’s also down at the shore. I do love pizza and the best pizza in Edinburgh is hands down Civerinos, great place and staff, ace tunes and delicious pizza.

RBD: And finally what would you say the Xile message is?

BUSH: My message to you would be don’t stand still, I stole that from my mate Daz it’s so true, and I really believe that.

‘This is my B-Boy look getting ready for my toprock, I like how the colour of the tracktop compliments the sneaks’

I choose and ark air piece as I like the high quality feel of this piece, and the camo detailing at the back (that unfortunately can’t be seen), paired with 100% cotton replay denims to finish off this premium look.

Best company is a brand I have followed since the 1980’s. I choose this top as the fresh colours are perfect for the warmer months.

The PWT, the perfect white tee is an essential for every man’s wardrobe. I choose this Napa one as I like the small logo and the boxy fit is perfect for my shape.


The scottish summer festival jacket, fully taped seams, small enough to wrap round your waist when it gets too hot, and you will definitely get noticed in this piece.

BUSH: See yah next time Baby!