Founded in 1905 by Charles Beckman in Red Wing, Minnesota – The Red Wing Shoe Company is an iconic footwear brand that returns to Xile for AW 14. The workwear inspired range of heavy duty boots offers wearers a durable and hard wearing shoe that will stand the test of time and look better once worn in. The authentic character of these leather boots becomes more apparent after they have been broken in, indeed some of our longstanding customers have Red Wings dating back more than ten years that still look great!

The brand’s heritage collection celebrates the history of the label. It’s worth noting that the boots still exclusively use premium leather from the brand’s tannery and are produced to the same specification as they were 50 years ago and more!

Originally intended solely as a workwear brand for the US market, Red Wing’s began to attract international renown as a result of their quality and attention to detail. Known for their innovative marketing and sales strategies, the brand developed mobile shoe shops in the post war era, allowing workers to buy shoes at their place of work! The brand also had an iconic advertising campaign designed by renowned American artist Norman Rockwell in the 1960’s.

The success of Red Wing is down to much more than clever marketing however. The business is built upon the cornerstones of quality and durability. The boots are made by experienced craftsmen who take huge pride in their work. It begins with each section of the leather uppers being cut – an experienced artisan shoemaker needs to ensure the best parts of the leather hide are used. After this has been done the various parts of the upper are triple stitched together by a tradesman using vintage Puritan sewing machines, some of which date back to the 1920’s. Only at this stage are the boots ‘lasted’ and attached to the sole unit. The entire production pricess has more than 230 steps and with this level of detail it’s no wonder the boots are so popular.

This season sees 5 key styles available at Xile. From classic chukkas to the brand’s famous 6 inch boot, there is something for everyone.

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