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10 Details - Edwin ED55

The perfect Summer denim deconstructed


For the first of our new weekly Ten Details features we have taken the Edwin ED-55 63 Rainbow Selvedge denim and broken down what makes this the perfect Summer denim. Coming from Edwin we know these are going to be quality jeans as the brand has been knocking out winning denims since the 1940's. For Spring Summer '17 the brand have reworked their most popular and iconic style with their usual premium detailing and focus on quality. These are a pair of denims Mr. Tsunemi would be proud of and you can shop them now, to ensure you've got the best Summer outfit ready for the suns arrival shop the full Edwin collection here.

Selvedge Detailing

For many Denim fans whether the jean is selvedge or not is the most important factor. The selvedge detailing originates from Shuttle Loom production which was popular in the 1950’s and has become a standard bearer for quality construction. By using a single one yard wide fabric the seams meet each other creating a ‘self-edge’. In recent year brands have used the colours in the selvedge detailing to set themselves apart and Edwin’s signature detailing is the rainbow selvedge.

12.8oz ‘63 Denim

Denim weight is measured not by how heavy any individual pair is but rather how much a yard of fabric weighs. While many denim aficionados won’t touch denims below 12oz you don’t need every pair in your wardrobe to be able to stand up on their own. At 12.8oz the ED-55’s are the perfect midweight denim which are ideal for year round wear. Being a slightly heavier denim the jeans will wear in nicely and gain ever deeper fades and honeycomb detailing.

Donut Buttons

Donut Buttons have become a staple feature of Edwin Denims but many people don’t know the history behind these. During WWII metal was in high demand and much like food at the time this was rationed. While the Donut button had previously been used to show the denim construction it was fast becoming a necessity. The style has become a staple of jean construction and is now the standard design for many top denim brands.

Iconic Kuroki Mill Construction

Edwin look to their heritage for the construction of the ED-55’s taking production back to their homeland of Japan. Recognised by many as the modern mecca for high quality denim the Kuroki Mill has been in business since the 1950’s. With a focus on quality and traditional construction methods the Kuroki Mill branding is a seal of quality and ensures that these denims will last you much longer than any which have been churned out from any factory which does not specialise in Denim.

Relaxed Tapered Fit

The silhouette of the ED-55 is what really sets the style apart and has secured its place as the key Edwin fit. Perfect for all body types the denim has a relaxed tapered fit which is loose on the thighs before tapering down towards the ankle. Allowing room on the thighs makes these the perfect denim for those who wouldn’t usually venture into skinny jeans while the narrower hem ensures a smart finish.

Distressed Detailing

To give the style a lived in feel the denim features distressed detailing throughout. Small rips and tears give the ED-55 a worn look and are on trend while not going overboard and exposing half of your thigh. From the brand that introduced the stonewashing technique this is a continuation of Edwin’s appreciation for lived in denim.


Many of us don’t want to deal with wearing our denims in from a raw, unwashed state and the headaches that come along with this, from denim bleed on your new white trainers and cream sofa to sitting in the bath to get the perfect first wash. To eradicate this stress while maintaining a realistic worn in look the ED-55’s feature whiskering to the back of the knee and the upper thigh. This replicates the real fades you would get after 6 months to a year of daily wear on a pair of raw denims without you having to put in the work.

Leather Waistband

Edwin are not ones for flashy branding splashed all throughout the denim and like to keep the finish more minimal and tasteful. To compliment the quality of the ED-55’s construction the brand have included a branded leather waistband tab with the iconic Edwin branding. The signature gull stitching to the back pockets remain and this is a subtle nod to the history and heritage you are buying into.

Rivet Construction Support

You’ve probably never paid too much attention to the metal rivets adorning your favourite pair of denims but the truth is these little guys are more important than you might imagine. In the early days of denim trousers workers found keeping tools in their pockets meant their trousers would fall apart quickly and would need replaced on a regular basis. To counteract this problem small metal rivets were placed on the areas which encountered the most strain including the pockets. The introduction of these supporting rivets has been instrumental in the denim jeans we know and love today.


When shopping for a pair of denims it is important to get the right rise which suits your body type. The Rise refers to the distance between the bottom of the crotch to the waistband and dictates where how the denim will sit. Mid Rise is the most popular style which allows the jeans to sit on top of your Hip Bone with a smart finish and ensures you don’t look like Napolean Dynamite in your brand new jeans.

You can shop all of our ED-55's online now and make syre to check out the full Edwin Spring Summer collection. Remember to sign up to the Xile newsletter for 15% discount on your first order and all orders over £75 are eligible for free shipping.