Alpha Industries Japan Dragon Bomber

We take a closer look at the history behind the brands Souvenir jacket


US brand Alpha Industries have pulled something special out of the bag as part of the brands Spring Summer ‘17 collection. Taking the iconic MA-1 silhouette the team have put an Asian inspired twist on this with the release of the Souvenir jacket. We’ve taken a closer look at the history behind this look and you can shop the style now with free UK delivery.

The Souvenir jacket’s history can be traced back to Japan at the end of World War Two. Known locally as ‘Sukajan’ the jackets became popular amongst US troops looking to take home gifts to their families or simple commemorate their time spent abroad. Servicemen were known to take their own bomber and flight jackets to local tailors who would embroider them with intricate Japanese designs such as Dragons, Cherry Blossoms and Tigers. Quick to catch on the local population saw this as an opportunity for employment in a time where the Japanese economy had been ravaged by war and began making their own styles from leftover Parachute silk.

After the US troops had left Japan a strange phenomenon occured where the Japanese youth began wearing souvenir jackets as a form of rebellion. Because of the recent war this was seen as offensive to many in Japan and the look quickly became linked to criminal gangs and the Yakuza. Across in the states the look gained a second wind when troops returning from Vietnam wore jackets emblazoned with the phrase ‘When I die I’m sure to go to heaven as I’ve spent my time in hell’.


In more recent years the Souvenir jacket has been adopted by high fashion brands and made its way to the catwalk. Premium brands such as CDG, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Maharishi have put their own spin on the Souvenir jacket and it has become something of a streetwear staple. We are big fans of the history behind this look and the Alpha Industries Dragon bomber is a perfect example of the bomber done right.




The Japan Dragon bomber continues the heritage of the Souvenir Jacket with embroidered prints throughout the iconic MA-1 design. The coloured body is contrasted with flashes of contrast detailing to the sleeves, hem and side panel and the look features the iconic Alpha Industries flight pull tab. With dragon designs to both chests and back the look is completed with two popper close handwarmer pockets.

- MA-1 Style bomber

- Embroidered Dragon designs to chest and back

- Contrast detailing to sleeves and side panel

- Coloured body

- Nylon construction

- Two front hand pockets

- Alpha Industries flight pull detailing to sleeve