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Adidas 83-C Collection

Who is J.Mano?


The latest 83-C collection from Adidas features classic designs and eighties inspired sportswear silhouettes but it is the story behind the collection which truly sets this concept apart. When searching for the 83-C collection on the web you will be hit with a number of searches for “Who is J-Mano” and “What is 83-C”. We’ve looked to save you the research stress and have taken a deep dive into the history of the adidas 83-C collection. Find out the full story below and head through to the website to shop the collection.

The 83-C collection contains classic adidas styling and iconic branding throughout, from the three stripe detailing on the sleeve to the trefoil logo on the chest, everything is as expected with this tracktop release from the German sportswear giants. It is when you reach the sleeve that the questions begin, on every item in the 83-C collection there is an embroidered J.Mano logo to the sleeve and an 83-C emblem to the chest.

The story goes that adidas head honcho’s were on a buying trip in Japan looking for new ideas and inspiration. During their trip the buyers stumbled across a thrift store which stocked an adidas tracktop bearing the J.Mano design to the sleeve and 83-C logo to the chest. While nobody was aware of who the mysterious J.Mano was something about this design took the team and they incorporated the look into their next collection. To try and solve the riddle the initial 83-C release includied an interior label reading “J.Mano, Get in Touch”

As luck would have it adidas managed to track down the man behind the branding and a legend was born. J.Mano was no rockstar, no celebrity and no fashion designer. The real inspiration behind the collection was a humble mechanic working at the 83-C racetrack in Mexico who embroidered all of his clothing. While the internet provides no pictures of this hidden hero his story lives on through the latest 83-C drop from adidas and he can be happy in the knowledge he has inspired an iconic range from one of the biggest companies in the world.

While we embroider all of our clothes and hand them in to thrift stores, you should check out the full 83-C collection. The latest drop features trackpants, T-Shirts, Sweats and tracktops and is available now. Spend over £75 to receive free UK delivery and make sure to pass on the story of J.Mano.