Adidas’ high end collaboration with Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Hype surrounding the Y-3 brand has grown to fever pitch with the news that rap-fashion mogul Kanye West has signed a deal with Adidas and is hotly tipped to release a line with Y-3.

There was always the danger the Kanye’s imminent release would overshadow the AW Y-3 collection but Yamamoto has ensured this is not the case with a top drawer series of releases that further develop the brand. Our favourite sneaker from the current selection is undoubtedly the Qasa racer and we’ve delved into the styling and design behind this amazing shoe.

The Qasa Racer is an update on last season’s super techy Qasa package and we reckon it’s up there with the best trainers on the market right now. The first point to make about these unique looking sneaks is that they llok much better on your foot than on the shelf – the second is that they are amazingly comfortable. The tolling on this sneak remains the same as last year’s models but the upper now has a mesh finish to improve breathability. There is also a stylish support added at the ankle which looks great and makes the shoe much more stable. All the stylish finishes you expect from a Y-3 sneak are evident as well with leather accents at the toe and suede detailing on the heel.

The Qasa Racer has been compared with Nike’s Roshe Run model however to our mind this is a far superior sneak. While the Roshe is simple yet effective, the Qasa features loads of intricate detailing that make it stand out from the crowd. The neoprene used in these high end sneakers is extremely hard wearing and durable while still remaining light and flexible.The silhouette ius also standout – the perfect blend of techy functionality and fashion. While some have termed this an “urban ninja” sneaker, we prefer to think of it as a forward thinking style that will stand the test of time. The techy styling evident in the Qasa family (especially at the heel counter) is reminiscent of classic ZX styling and shows Y-3 at its best. Effortlessly blending vintage sportswear with cutting edge modern design.