British heritage brand Lyle & Scott celebrates its 140th anniversary this year. To mark this momentous achievement we take a look back at the brand’s history and chart its rise from the Scottish Borders to worldwide fame.

Founded in the sleepy Borders town of Hawick in 1874 with a loan of just £800 the business started out selling high quality woollen underwear. The founder’s motto was that "good work makes more work" and this certainly proved to be the case. By 1926 the business was making its first forays into the fashion world and growing fast!

In 1954 the brand collaborated with Christian Dior to produce a range of cashmere designs – this high fashion collaboration was the first of many with future partners including Liberty, YSL & Chanel. Over the course of the 50’s Lye & Scotts minimal designs and clean silhouettes became hugely popular with “the mods” – one of the UK’s first fashion led subcultures.

Perhaps one of the most important developments for the brand was the launch of the iconic ‘golden eagle’ logo in the early 1960’s. This striking badge has come to be synonymous with luxury & fashion but at the time was intended only for the new golf range. Of course golf is synonymous with the brand thanks to the success of this range which has been championed by sports-stars such as Arnold Palmer.

In the 1980’s the brand became the uniform of choice for another British youth movement, the casuals. Over this period the brand established itself as a key youth fashion brand as it’s heritage and simplicity was contrasted with bold European sportswear to great effect.

Fast forward to the ‘naughties’, 2003 to be precise. After a number of years in the fashion wilderness the brand is reinvented with sharp new fits, a bold colour palate and real edge. Over the past 11 years the brand has risen to the top of the British fashion game and gained stockists across the globe.

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