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The Top Male Style Influencers of 2015


With 2015 under our belts we thought we would take a look at who influenced us so much that they made us change what we were wearing ...

7. Skepta

Since dropping the UK grime anthem ‘That’s Not Me’ in 2014, Skepta has gone from strength to strength and 2015 certainly saw Skepta and the grime scene emerge from the underground. The UK rapper has been an ambassador for true, urban street style and has shrugged off the pretentious brands that are usually associated with the hip hop lifestyle.   

A true believer of his roots, Skepta has returned to the classic sportswear-heavy look of the UK streets, which he helped push worldwide in 2015. Get that sportswear look here.

6. Alex Turner

Without a doubt one of the most stylish men in rock, Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner seemed to undergo a drastic style revelation that has swept the nation over the last 2 years. The Alex Turner of 2005 was not a fan of the traditional indie look, skinny jeans, retro blazers and vintage shirts and instead he dressed in laddy casualwear – adidas track tops, G-Star jeansutility jackets and a classic polo.

After releasing their 5th studio album ‘am’ in 2013 the band began to take to the stage with a classier clean cut look. In 2015 Turner was often spotted sporting the classic rock look. A set of smart shoes, trousers, a leather jacket or overcoat, a shirt and a pair of old school sunnies. With rumours of a 6th album in 2016 we are curious to see what Alex Turner’s wardrobe has in store for us! Click the links to shop Alex's look.

5. Jackmaster (Jack Revill)

Scottish superstar and king sessioner, Jackmaster was ranked as the 5th best DJ in the world by popular online music magazine, Resident Advisor. With no original tracks to his name, Jack Revill is the epitome of the ultimate party DJ. In a few short years, he has risen to superstar status, whilst gaining a strong reputation for being the heart and soul of the party along the way. He is widely considered one of the busiest DJ’s in the business right now, regularly playing at a number of clubbing institutions such as fabric, Circo Loco at DC10, The Warehouse Project and Sub Club in his hometown and base in Glasgow.

Often kitted out head to toe in retro sportswear the after party DJ certainly stays true to his Glaswegian roots. Jack is often seen DJing in a classic FILA or adidas track top or alternatively a classy shirt and jacket encompassing the true 90s Scottish casual image. Get the look and click here to view our full range of track tops

4. Ian Connor

Self-proclaimed ‘King of the Youth,’ Instagram personality, streetwear trendsetter and celebrity stylist to Wiz Khalifa and Kylie Jenner, Ian Connor comes in at number 4. With one streetwear’s biggest followings, Connor has certainly had a successful 2015. After introducing Kylie Jenner to Streetwear brands such as Palace, Carhartt and Supreme, Ian Connor nearly broke the internet as a photo he uploaded of her in Supreme received an instant 39k likes. With close connections to Kanye West and Virgil Abloh (Kanye’s creative director and founder of Streetwear giant Off White), the A$AP mob and seemingly every one of his digits in every pie in the fashion world there seemed to be no stopping Connor in 2015. With the streetwear hype increasing on a daily basis, we can only assume Ian Connor will continue to lead the masses and influence their taste in 2016.

For Connor’s look and all things streetwear at Xile, click here.

3. Liam Gallagher

Rock star, song writer, and fashion label owner Liam Gallagher comes in at third place for our most influential male of 2015. Even though you may not have seen Liam Gallagher’s face as much this year, we decided to give him the bronze medal due to the success of his label Pretty Green. After years of struggle, the all mod brand has seen the light and is now one of the more successful British labels in the fashion industry. In fact if you see a mod in a parka, blazer, shirt, jeans or shoes … they are probably wearing Pretty Green.

Pretty Green have been firm favourites at Xile for years and their infusion of every day fashion and the mod culture is a winning combination. To check out the brands latest products, click here.

2. Pharrell Williams

With not only the one of the most impressive careers but one of the most impressive wardrobes in the world it was hard not to place CFDA fashion icon, multi-platinum single selling musician and designer Pharrell Williams in our top 2. Frequent collaborator with brands such as G-Star and adidas in 2015 and owner of store favourite Billionaire Boys Club, it is safe to say that Pharrell has had a pretty successful year.

2015 saw Pharrell combine streetwear, varsity style sportswear, denim and colour in a way no other male could think of and that is why we have placed him at number two. With a number of exciting projects with BBC and adidas in the pipeline we look forward to seeing what he has in store for us this year.

1. Kanye West

Creating a list of this sort would be absurd without a mention of the name Kanye West and that’s why we had to crown him our most influential male of 2015. The rapper and style icon is easily one of the most highly praised men in the fashion industry as well as one of the most criticised, which has led a number of people to shout that he is not cut out for the business. However, there is no denying that Mr. West is one of the biggest influencers in modern men’s style

2015 was one of the busier years for Kanye and his team as Yeezy’s first full season came into existence, a brand launch so powerful it featured Ian Conner, Kyle Jenner, Lukka Sabbat and Amina Blue, among many more on the catwalk. With a full year under its belt, the Yeezy washed tones, dusty fabrics, distressed layers and oversized fits have seriously made a mark in the industry and we are seeing more and more copies pop up across the high street and more and more people dressing duller and destressed - the Yeezus influence as I like to call it.

With Yeezy season 2 ready to drop Spring/Summer 2016 it will be interesting to see whether or not Kanye’s fashion venture will stick around and whether or not he will experience the full brute force of the fashion industry that many a designer has had to face before him. However, with the way he is going at the moment, he could wear a bin bag to his next show and we would buy it … in fact that bin bag would probably sell out in under a minute on every site stocking it online. 2015 certainly belongs to Kanye and it’s going to be an exciting 12 month journey ahead.