With the boredom of everyday office life being overpowered by the passion for street wear Outsiders Apparel was created in Edinburgh in 2012. Starting off with £200 and a box of blank t-shirts Fraser Brown set out on his dream by selling t-shirts to friends and local DJ's. Within a few years the brand has went from a local underground sensation to a nation wide brand.

The brand takes great pride in being from Edinburgh and incorporates this into their designs and branding that has helped its local success but its clean cut and minimalistic look gives it mass appeal. With influences from brands like Supreme, Patta, The Hundreds and I Love Ugly, Outsiders Apparel sit up their with the best.

This seasons Athletic Department series is one of their strongest yet. With a hint of American sports heritage and Scottish style Outsiders Apparel provide a strong collection that easily competes with the more commercial street ear brands out there.