Originally made as a hard wearing boot, custom made for the oil rigs and farms these were made to take anything you can throw at them and come out the other side. They became a fashion brand thanks to the American obsessed Japanese market. Red Wings became available thanks to Japanese company Midori who distributed them to stores where they were sold for fashion and not function.

It wasn't until the early 2000's that the American and European markets caught on to heritage brands and a separate 'Heritage' line was added to the collection. This concentrated on boots made for fashion and lifestyle, not function.

2014 was one of Red Wings most successful years to date generating over $700 million in sales worldwide. Although the trend of Heritage brands may be fading Red Wings success looks to continue thanks to never straying from their built for function ethos and not getting to carried away with the fashion side which has caused some heritage brands to trip up.

Red Wings plan to remain true to their heritage and not chase fashion which we think is one of the reasons they will still be here in years to come.


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