There's Only One Andy Murray


Here at Xile we pride ourselves on our work hard, play harder attitude. So we were deeply saddened to learn that one former member of staff who embodied this ethos had passed away.

Andy Murray was the antithesis of the oft-dour faced tennis player; with a smile, a pun and a playlist for every occasion, he made the time between opening Xile Casual and the first post-work pint pass in the blink of an eye. Indeed, Xile staff of a certain vintage will always be reminded of a chaotic Christmas when they hear a Miike Snow track thanks to Andy's playlists. Andy even managed to put his good looks to use when he launched his successful modelling career on this very website and in the pages of the Into Xile magazine.

However, it will be the memories of many "long" lunches in Princes Street Gardens on summer afternoons and night outs that we will hold dearest when thinking of Andy. One memorable night out with Andy saw a drunken snowball fight; the creation of the infamous 'San Marino'© cocktail and saving one worse-for-wear Xile staff member from hypothermia after passing out "making snow angels" in the street.


They were the best of times Andy. You will be missed.


Please help remember Andy by donating to the Marie Curie Hospice in Edinburgh.