Scratch And Sniff


Who remembers scratch Scratch n Sniff t-shirts? Well it looks as though that retro technique has been repackaged and tweaked to produce these scented denims.

Portuguese fashion store Salsa are stocking their best selling skinny jeans in a variety of colours with matching scent. The jeans are made with micro-capsules embedded straight into the fabric which will release a scent gradually over time meaning your denims will always be fruity fresh. The fragrance should last up to 20 washes, and if you stick by the denim rule of rarely washing your jeans then that is a long time.

The coloured denim helps give you a clue to what smell your in for, with blue being blueberry, pink strawberries, yellow for lemon and so on. An interesting take on the world of denim fashion and it gets us thinking about what flavours may be produced for a male collection?

Lets be honest though, scratch any mans jeans and it will probably release a smell anyway, stale beer, spilt pizza and whatever else you can imagine.