Yeezy is easy about Nike


It was reported recently that rap star Kanye West has jumped ship and left his partnership with Nike and joined forces with Adidas for a new footwear and clothing collection. Apparently his main factor in the decision being he needs to provide for his daughter? Yeah, right mate I bet you and your Mrs a well skint. Reading between the lines it seems Kanye's ego may have taken a blow when Nike refused him royalties on his Air Yeezy's due to him not being a sports star.

His previous work with Nike include the Air Yeezy, Air Yeezy 2 and the much anticipated Red October model all which are sought after models. So what can we expect from the Adidas hook up? Will he be working with Yohji Yamamoto on a Y3 spin off collection called YEEZI?  Do we get high end fashion or affordable street and sportswear, or even both? Will he put a spin on classics turning the Adidas Gazelle into the Yazelle?

Either way we're excited to see what comes from this collaboration.