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Alpha Industries

Not many brands can boast of a history as impressive as Alpha Industries and the brand still states that ‘We were never meant to become a world-famous fashion brand’. Alpha Industries have helped to redefine outerwear for a new generation and retain the same focus on quality and craftsmanship as they did in the early years.

Founded in 1959 Alpha Industries was the product of three unique companies merging to create a range of flight jackets specifically created for the US Air Force. With the Vietnam war waging the newly formed Alpha Industries gained a number of contracts with the US Department of Defence to produce flight and bomber jackets for the Air Force and these styles quickly became synonymous with the fighter pilots of the day.

The most famous style introduced by the brand during this period was the MA-1 Flight Jacket which has grown to become a cultural phenomenon and a mainstay in modern men’s fashion. The brand was also known for their M-65 Field coat and the N-2B Parka which were groundbreaking designs for their time.

Throughout their short history, Alpha Industries existed solely to supply clothing to the US Department of Defence however this changed in 1970 with the brand's first commercial release. While the military was still their biggest customer, purchasing 550,000 field jackets annually this was an exciting new step.

The 1990s were when the brand faced their biggest change, with the Department of Defence slicing their budgets the brand began focusing on the commercial fashion market. Thanks to their unique design and quality construction it was not long before Alpha Industries were one of the hottest names in fashion. In the thirty years since they have become an iconic manufacturer and thanks to collaborations with brands such as Stussy and Doc Martens have remained relevant despite changing trends. With a huge list of celebrity endorsers, the brand is now one of the biggest names in streetwear and continue to produce with the same ethos as in 1959.

The new collection includes the iconic MA-1 Flight jacket along with Alpha Industries hoodiest-shirts and sweats.

Free next working day UK mainland delivery on all orders over £75.

Click & collect is available from Edinburgh, Livingston and Glasgow.

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