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After witnessing the effectiveness of Barbour jackets against the fiercest of conditions, Royal Navy Captain George Phillips commissioned Barbour to create a custom made jacket for his men. This jacket was the only comfort these men would have aboard their submarine and became known as the Ursula Suit after the name of the submarine on which they served. It is this awe inspiring tale that inspires this season’s Dept. B collection – which is named after the customisation department at Barbour’s South Shield’s factory.

Perhaps the most important Dept. B release to date has been the iconic Commander jacket, modelled after the Tokito collab worn by James Bond in recent silver screen outing, Skyfall. Using this iconic silhouette Barbour update the classic and replace the waxed cotton with a country influenced tweed. The lightweight 100% wool tweed shell offers a more mature style that is enhanced by premium detailing. A corduroy lined collar combine with shoulder inserts and extended elbow patches to give the jacket that definitive Barbour look. Ideal for teaming with denims and boots or with a more formal styled outfit this jacket will complete your winter wardrobe.


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Ransom started life as a streetwear focused label that drew influence from the great outdoors. High profile collabs with the likes of Adidas saw the brand become much more prominent and in 2009 they launched a standalone footwear collection. Last season the Field Lite was one of the outstanding sneakers in the Xile wardrobe and the style returns in an improved format for Fall ’14.

Described by its creators as “understated and humble” the Field Lite is a bold piece of design that champions a clean silhouette and minimal detailing. The lightweight knitted upper is presented in a clean ash grey which is set off by the clean white sole. With rubber inlays for additional traction this is a functional and stylish piece of footwear that’s available in strictly limited numbers.

Click here to check out this classic style or alternatively browse the collection.


Adidas Hamburg's November Drop

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Adidas Hamburg\'s November Drop

After the massive launch of the Adidas Hamburg City Series back in July that featured the iconic Dublin, Vienna and Oslo colour ways we're more than ready for round 2 of Hamburg hyped excitement.

On the 1st of November we will be taking pre-orders for the next fresh drop of Hamburg's. Featuring the Copenhagen and Brussels colour ways we're expecting these to go real fast and advise our customers to use our pre-order function to guarantee their pair.


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Imagine fashion heaven, it’s easy if you try! The new Pretty Green AW collection from brit-pop bad-boy, Liam Gallagher, has landed and one of the key pieces is the iconic Lennon overshirt. This military styled overshirt is modelled upon John Lennon’s famous US Army shirt that he wore throughout the early 70’s and featured on the cover of his “Live In New York” album. This iconic album was recorded live from Madison Square Gardens in August 1972 and

As legend has it Lennon was walking through a German airport wearing a vintage US mac when he was approached by an ex-serviceman who offered to send him his vintage fatigues. Lennon gladly accepted and soon received a vintage US Army issue OG-107 overshirt. Lennon, whose strong anti-war feelings were well know, wore the shirt over the coming years before gifting it to girlfriend May Pang. The original jacket is now displayed in the John Lennon museum in Japan.

This season’s Pretty Green shirt borrows stylistically from the classic Lennon shirt while calming the design slightly. It is available in two colours; navy and khaki, and retains an authentic look and feel. Some of the military badges have been removed to create a slightly cleaner silhouette. The shirt has shoulder epaulettes and a slight herringbone – giving it a vintage militaria feel.

Buy the Lennon shirt today for £125.


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There has been many a jean worn and sold throughout the history of Xile but none stand out as much as our PRPS collections. Refreshingly rugged 'n' raw and kept to a small selection of fits the quality and detail in every single pair mixed with the seemly unbreakable construction helped propel these to fashion icon status.

Founded in 2002 by Donwan Harrell who made his name working at brands like Nike and DKNY, the luxury denim brand consistently offers the best denim collection in the world and has become a favourite for stars like David Beckham, Brad Pitt and more.

Using the finest African cotton the denims are hand made in Japan in exclusive manufacturing houses to bring a denim that has had every process in its creation maliciously planned and designed to bring you a denim that will last a lifetime.

We are now offering 50% or more of our PRPS collection which means you can grab a piece of fashion history for less. Don't miss out on these great prices.

Shop the PRPS collection.